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Re: lwIP Library with CDC-ECM for the TI-84+ CE

Unread postPosted: 10 Mar 2024, 15:24
by Adriweb

I was on the live youtube for just a bit (enough to see it working :P) so I can attest it's pretty cool 😎

Re: lwIP Library with CDC-ECM for the TI-84+ CE

Unread postPosted: 15 Apr 2024, 00:03
by acagliano
Public Beta Released

The implementation of lwIP for the TI-84+ CE is now officially moved into public beta as we await work from the toolchain devs on a method to make this a dynamic library. I was advised by commandblockguy that at present we use this as a static library.

Simply run the following commands to set yourself with a working repo:
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git clone # into whatever dir you want
cd lwip-ce
git submodule update --init --recursive

This will clone the repo and fetch app tools. For now, anything using lwIP will need to be build as an app due to the sheer size of the code-base.

For drivers, I have implemented USB CDC for ECM and NCM devices. This means that most 10/100/1000 and most Gigabit adapters will work fine. You may also use a WPS-capable Ethernet-Wifi adapter. WPS is needed because SSID polling and selection is not a thing, although if anyone would like to write, test, and submit a driver for that for a specific chipset, please do so.

It is the intent with this project to allow addons via extensions/modules that users can drop in that lwIP will load, either via some internal call like (eg) lwipce_load_ext(TLSDRVCE) [this would load a hypothetical TLS implementation) or as a dynamic library via LIBLOAD (more on that later - WIP). This would allow users to hypothetically build applications like HTTP(s), SMTP, SSH, as well as to extend the driver set (ex: adding a driver for a wireless card). We are unsure at present how this would actually function internally and are open to suggestions.

Re: lwIP Library with CDC Ethernet for the TI-84+ CE

Unread postPosted: 27 May 2024, 08:52
by tom-garnier
I have a Ti-83 Premium CE, does lw-ip will work on it?
And I didn’t know how it’s work, can you explain me?